Seven Reasons Why Strength Training Is Like the Fountain of Youth

1. Increases bone density

As with muscle, people lose up to one percent of their bone density per year after the age of thirty — an amount that doubles during menopause. This can lead to osteoporosis. Regular weight bearing exercise counteracts this.

2. Increases metabolism

Studies show that for each pound of muscle you gain, you will burn 35-50 more calories daily. Every muscle cell gained from weight lifting revs up your metabolism so you are constantly burning more calories; even while you are sleeping.

3. Promotes better posture

Not only does proper posture allow you to move with more freedom and make you feel more confident, it will also make you look slimmer.

4. Reduces risk of diabetes

Adult-onset diabetes is a growing problem for women and men. Research indicates even 4 months of regular weight training, you can increase glucose utilization in the body by 23 percent.

5. Reduces stress

Strength training will elevate your level of endorphins (natural opiates produced by the brain), and this will make you feel great. Strength training has also been shown to be a great antidepressant; it can help you sleep better, and improves your overall quality of life.

6. Preserves lean muscle mass

Referring to muscle hypertrophy and atrophy, Hippocrates famously wrote, “that which if used develops, and that which if not used wastes away.” Regular strength training will protect and preserve lean muscle mass, helping you burn calories more efficiently and avoid the saggy skin that tends to mark where you were once toned.

7. Protects the back and joints from injury

The best way to protect your bones and joints is to ensure their surrounding muscles are strong enough to support them. Your abdominals (your core) supports your spine, your leg muscles support your knee, etc. If these muscles aren’t reinforced and strong, injuries are more likely to occur.

Source: Seven Reasons Why Strength Training Is Like the Fountain of Youth


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