Get Rock-Hard Abs With This Bodyweight Circuit

Ready to get rock-hard abs right from home?

Try this bodyweight circuit from Men’s Health Next Top Trainer 2015 winner Gideon Akande and Ben Boudro, owner of Xceleration Fitness.

How You Do It:

Hit each move for 30 seconds

  • Rest for 15 seconds between moves
  • Repeat for 4-5 rounds

The Moves:

Lateral Squat to Reverse Lunge

This move nails your lower body and helps with lower body flexibility. The combination of the lateral squat and reverse lunge ensures both your gluteus maximus (your butt) and gluteus medius (side butt) get a swift kick in the ass.

Burpee to Typewriter

This move starts with everybody’s favorite exercise, the burpee. As soon as you pop up to your feet you will go to the typewriter, which essentially is a lateral high knee. The combination of the burpee and high knees creates a lot of work for your muscular endurance. You will be sweating!


The v-up is one of the most basic core moves you can do and it provides a tremendous benefit to your entire core. Use your lower abs to bring your feet up to waist height and connect your hands to your feet right in the middle. Your rectus abdominis (front part of your abs) will be on fire!

Push-up to Toe Grab

I love this move as it’s a great way to nail your chest and your obliques. Hit a solid push-up and when you reach the top, go right into a toe grab. The toe grab being on the outside of your body makes you engage your obliques and works your shoulder stability at the same time.

Grab your workout buddy, set this up and get this full-body, core workout done in less than 30 minutes!

Chase It!

Source: Get Rock-Hard Abs With This Bodyweight Circuit

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